SuperGaming x Fractal: Tower Conquest (Metaverse Edition)

Be the first to get in TC:ME and win $5000 in prizes

Fractal Team
5 min readMar 7, 2023

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Welcome to the SuperGaming x Fractal TC:ME tournament!

The world of Tower Conquest is upon us. Will you lead the Kingsmen or the Undead army to victory? For 1 week only, be the first to play in Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition and win prizes on Fractal. Top 200 winners can claim from a $5000 cash pool. This is a 100% free-to-play tournament and all you need is your phone! Are you ready for the epic battles?

About TC:ME

Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition is a free-to-earn tower defence game built on the blockchain. In this mythical world rich in valuable resources and MANA, the heroes await someone capable of recruiting armies, devising PvP strategies and leading the many on the conquest to victory. TC:ME is developed by SuperGaming, India’s leading game developer behind MaskGun (60M players) and Silly Royale (20M players). You can find more information about TC:ME on Telegram and Twitter.

How to play

Make sure to link your account with both wallets to be eligible for the Fractal tournament.
  • Start playing. Finish the tutorial first to understand the gameplay
  • Play Campaign (PvE) to earn Essence (the left resource icon on the top right of the screen). Essence is needed to mint Cards.
  • Cards are required to play PvP — League battles. Get Cards from Store, or mint them from Buildings. You can also get Cards from members of the TC:ME community on Telegram
  • Go to PvP — Leagues and hit “Challenge” to play against an opponent
  • You’ll earn Crowns (the right icon on the top right of the screen) as you deploy Cards in every PvP battle
  • You will be placed on the leaderboard based on the Crowns you earn during the tournament period
  • We recommend improving your skills in PvE first before trying PvP matchups

Players are ranked by “Crowns” on the Fractal leaderboard. Crowns are only obtained in PvP matches (PvE matches will give you Essence, which help you get powerful cards — Essence is the left icon on the top right of the screen). You can slightly improve your winning odds by using a Hero NFT. Hero NFTs are powerful units with high battle stats and enhanced abilities. They have no charges and can be deployed in a battle numerous times.

Note: the SuperGaming team has confirmed the Hero NFT Card does not have an overall significant effect on winning the tournament.

Check out the recap from TC:ME’s last tournament with some happy players!

Tournament Schedule

This tournament will take place on Mar 16, 9am UTC and continue for 1 week, ending on Mar 22, 9am UTC.


This tournament has a total prize pool of $5000 USDC. This will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st place: $600
  • 2nd place: $450
  • 3rd place: $300
  • 4th place: $225
  • 5th place: $150
  • 6–10th place: $100 / each
  • 11–15th place: $75 / each
  • 16–20th place: $60 / each
  • 21–25th place: $45 / each
  • 26–50th place: $25 / each
  • 51–100th place: $15 / each
  • 101–200th place: $5 / each

Eligible players will need to complete a KYC to receive their prizes. This will be carried out on Supergaming’s end. Pending successful KYCs, all prizes will be distributed within 15 days after the tournament finishes.

Note: SuperGaming and Fractal reserve the right to require a minimally meaningful threshold of games played in the tournament (e.g. 1 or 2) to be eligible for the prize pool.

A Note From SuperGaming: Terms and Conditions

  • TC:ME has a One Person One Account rule, and accounts must be operated only by the user who signed up. Any instances of breach of this rule will result in a permanent ban and a disqualification from the tournament
  • The tournament is not available to users from the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), Central African Republic, China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hong Kong (China), Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Macao, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, North Korea, Qatar, Russian Federation, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe
  • Players must (1) have a registered TC:ME account and link their Sequence and Fractal Wallets and (2) win a PvP — League battle to be eligible for prizes
  • While we run this tournament in good faith, Team TC:ME reserves the right to modify or withdraw the tournament at any time without providing any prior information to the players
  • In case any fraud is detected by our team, our team reserves the right to disqualify/ban a player, or discontinue the entire tournament
  • This tournament is intended for 18+ audiences or adults depending on local jurisdiction, from regions where dealing with cryptocurrencies are not prohibited
  • Winners agree to share their information with the developers for the purpose of marketing
  • Winners may be asked to complete KYC to claim their prize. Anyone who fails the KYC process will be disqualified from the prize pool
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of TC:ME are applicable to all those who participate in this tournament.

Disclaimer: The game is addictive and involves financial risk. Please play responsibly.


Fractal and Fractal game partners reserve the right to disqualify tournament players in the event of cheating.

It is considered cheating and is strictly prohibited to:

  • Tamper with the game to gain an advantage over other players
  • Use third-party software / macros to automate gameplay
  • Use third-party software to modify game data
  • Share your wallet or account
  • Tamper with your reported score
  • Exploit a bug to gain an unfair advantage over other players

Cheating will result in disqualification from the tournament and forfeiture of any leaderboard prizes.

Fractal also reserves the right to terminate cheaters’ accounts and prevent entry in future tournaments. Fractal reserves the right to update its anti-cheating policies.

Help, Feedback and Support

For any issues, inquiries or feedback, please let us know in the Fractal Discord or Play on Fractal ⚡️ Telegram chat.

All prizes will be distributed within 15 days after the tournament ends. For winner announcements and other live updates, please join TC:ME’s Discord / TG channel.

For all other tournament news, find it in Fractal’s Discord / TG!