Sign In with Fractal — A Wallet for Web3 Gamers

Fractal Team
6 min readJun 10, 2022

For people who are new to crypto, the first question they ask is often “What is a crypto wallet and how does it work?”

A cryptocurrency wallet is similar to a digital wallet but instead of storing your credit cards, debit cards and cash, it allows crypto users to store and retrieve their digital assets (Bitcoin, NFTs, etc).

When a user buys crypto (such as Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, etc), they store it in a crypto wallet and use it to complete transactions. When you purchase NFTs on marketplaces like Fractal, those also go in your crypto wallet.

If you are a gamer, and you want to get started playing a crypto game, figuring out how to download a plugin and onboard with a wallet can be confusing. There are many benefits to games moving to web3: larger, more open economies and real player ownership of assets.

But at the outset, some or all players might not know anything about crypto, how it works or why it’s useful. A game asking them to download a wallet can discourage them from engaging. Only after the player wants to sell, stake or lend their asset, does the player appreciate the benefits of the blockchain. At the start, the player just wants to play the game.

💰 Introducing Sign In with Fractal 💰

Sign In with Fractal is a digital crypto wallet for web3 gamers —

Allowing games to make it seamless for players to start playing games. Sign In with Fractal allows users to login to web3 games with their existing Google accounts. In 30 seconds, a player can create a Fractal Wallet, record their seed phrase, and be ready to play on any device. No chrome extension. No mobile app download. It’s that simple.

Sign In with Fractal on

Besides the quick signup benefits, Sign In with Fractal comes loaded with many other benefits.

Perks for the Web3 Gamer

  • Safe AF. Sign In with Fractal is a non-custodial wallet, meaning that no third party has access to it — yes, including Fractal itself. How is it safe AF? Because it is tied in with the players’ social logins, it’s a lot harder to fall for phishing attacks. For example, if a player attempts to login to Fractal Wallet on a site pretending to be the real website, the player would quickly realize they weren’t already logged in and know something was up.
  • Unbelievably easy to buy NFTs on mobile. Simply login with your mobile device to access your Fractal Wallet and buy NFTs on or anywhere that integrates the wallet.
  • Even easier to buy stuff inside the game. Imagine you are in the middle of a quest and you just defeated the boss. Now, the game presents you with an opportunity to mint one of the 1,000 special swords. You can do this in a single click, without leaving the game for an app or browser window.
  • Lets players engage with a community of other Web3 gamers. Sign In with Fractal allows players to easily compete in tournaments (like the one we’re throwing at

Perks for the Game Studios

Sign In with Fractal solves a host of challenges for game studios. Building a game on top of the blockchain is tedious and requires a very specific skill set not found at the game studio. In fact, many game studios may not want to hire a crypto-native team, instead preferring to focus on building their game.

Sign In with Fractal API solves this problem by lowering the barrier to interact with the blockchain. It comes loaded with SDKs for Unity, Unreal, iOS and Web. This allows almost any developer to integrate, unlocking a series of benefits:

  • Easy user account creation. As described above, Sign In with Fractal makes it easy for players to sign up. A user id is created that the game can use as their primary user account object.
  • Check balance. Sign In with Fractal makes it a quick and easy API call for game studios to determine which assets a player has in their Fractal wallet. Does the player still own the sword they are playing with? Fractal invests a lot of $$$ on servers to ensure we keep up with the changes on the blockchain… so the game doesn’t have to.
  • Buy and sell. Sign In with Fractal allows players to trade assets inside the game, whether peer-to-peer or directly from the game. We foresee most players wanting to buy from within the game, which is the most natural place to shop for games’ assets.
  • Minting on demand. Rather than have a mint event every so often, a game can always be offering their digital assets for sale inside the game. The players can mint items any time they want. This way, the game starts to build much needed cash flow to support their ecosystem.
  • And many more juicy updates to come — stay tuned as this is just the beginning.

Game companies can get in touch on this form.

We’re excited by the future of web3 gaming. Fractal wants to unlock a new wave of innovation that enables games to be more fun, have better aligned incentives between player and studio, and can grow quicker than ever before. We can’t wait to see where this goes. WAGMI.

- Fractal team


Where is my wallet private key stored?

Sign In with Fractal private key is split into two “secret shares,” one stored on Fractal’s servers, and the other stored locally on your devices. Both secret shares are needed to re-create the private key. Having one share is completely useless and Fractal is not able to sign any transactions on your behalf.

Why do I have to login to Google?

Fractal protects access to its share of your private key using the social login you chose at sign up. We also use your social login to help you securely transport your local key share to your other devices.

How do I login on a second device?

First, login using the same social account you used on your original device.You should see a prompt to approve on an existing device or enter your seed phrase. Go to on an existing device and click Approve, or paste your seed phrase into the dialog. This device will now be fully logged-in and can be used to approve other devices.

What if I lose my device?

If you lose all of your approved devices, all of the local “secret shares” will be lost and the only way to recover your account will be your exported seed phrase. MAKE SURE TO STORE YOUR SEED PHRASE SOMEWHERE SAFE.

What platforms are supported?

Sign In with Fractal currently works on your desktop or mobile web browser. For playing web3 games on Desktop, we recommend Chrome for both stability and performance. Currently, all iOS web browsers are forced to clear local storage after 7 days of inactivity. If you only use mobile, MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR SEED PHRASE.

How do I use Fractal Wallet on other websites?

Sign In with Fractal currently only works on and with our partner games. If you want to use your assets elsewhere, you can transfer tokens or SOL to any other wallet of your choice. We are working on support for using the Fractal Wallet everywhere in the web3 world.

Can I create more wallets from the same seed phrase?

Currently your Fractal Wallet only allows you to use one wallet. The underlying seed phrase can be used to create any number of other wallets, and this is functionality we plan to expose in the future.