MetaOps x Fractal Infinite Assault Weekly

Play MetaOps for free and win prizes every week

Fractal Team
2 min readSep 19, 2022

Welcome to the Fractal x MetaOps Infinite Assault Weekly!

Survive each wave of the AI onslaught, collect cash and upgrade your weapons. Climb the leaderboard to win free prizes. Open play for all, 24 hours only on Fractal every week. Are you ready, fellow soldier?

About MetaOps

MetaOps is a Fractal Launchpad game. In this Solana-based FPS, you can team up with friends to advance characters, level up weapons, and earn rewards. MetaOps is ranked 2nd of the 5 best blockchain FPS games by Polkastarter Gaming. You can find MetaOps on Twitter and Discord.

How to Play

Note: MetaOps is a Fractal NFT Metagame partner. Get ready for a cool surprise if you play with a Fractal NFT in your Fractal Wallet!

Tournament Requirements

This weekly tournament is free to play for all.

Tournament Schedule

The weekly tournaments will start every Sunday 8am PT and continue for 24 hours (this is subject to changes). The Halloween Speical will go on for 48 hours, ending on Tuesday 8am PT.

Tournament Format

  • You will spawn with a pistol
  • There will be infinite waves of AI enemies
  • Killing each enemy gives you cash
  • You can upgrade your weapons by spending cash

You have unlimited attempts. Players are ranked on Fractal leaderboard based on their best scores.

Note: the tournament game mode is an instance build that will receive future updates. If you run into any bugs, please report via Twitter at @fractalwagmi.


Every Participant will be airdropped a Special Edition Halloween Gun Skin for their pistol.

Leaderboard prizes are as below:

Top 10 players will receive 1,000 $vBLSH each.

Top 50 players will enter into random draws to win:

  • 1x Legendary MetaOps Founder’s Pass NFT
  • 10x 200 $MODS
  • 3x 100 $KNUKL