MetaOps x Fractal: Polygon Launch Tournament

Experience peak FPS thrill in this skillful survival sprint

Fractal Team
2 min readJan 24, 2023

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Welcome to the Fractal x MetaOps Polygon Launch Tournament!

Fractal is going on Polygon and we are excited to bring you a free playable tournament with MetaOps, one of the FPS games we love on Polygon. For a week, fight AI robots and beat your personal record to claim from a sweet cash pot of $5000. Learn to kite, aim and upgrade into powerful weapons as you progress. How long can you last in this survival sprint? We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

About MetaOps

MetaOps is a Fractal Launchpad game. In this tactical first-person shooter, you can team up with friends to advance characters, level up weapons, and earn rewards. MetaOps is ranked 2nd of the 5 best blockchain FPS games by Polkastarter Gaming in 2022. You can find MetaOps on Twitter and Discord.

How to Play

  • Go to MetaOps’ project page on Fractal and click “Install” to download the Fractal desktop app
  • You will be required to sign in or set up a new Fractal Wallet account after running the desktop app for the first time
  • From the MetaOps project page on desktop, click “Install” to install MetaOps
  • That’s it, you are ready to play!

You will spawn with a pistol. There will be infinite waves of AI robot enemies (mixed with rare ninjas and bosses with different attack patterns). Survive against them as long as you can! Killing enemies gives you cash, which you can use to upgrade your weapons at base.

You have unlimited attempts to beat your personal record. Players are ranked on the Fractal leaderboard based on their best scores.

Tournament Schedule

The tournament will take place on Jan 26, 2pm PT and continue for 72 hours, ending on Jan 29, 2pm PT. Join the Play on Fractal ⚡️ Telegram chat to get notified when the tournament goes live.


The top 200 players on the Fractal leaderboard qualify for the $5000 cash prize pool. The distribution is as follows:

  • 1st place: $1000
  • 2nd place: $700
  • 3rd place: $450
  • 4–10th place: $150 / each
  • 11–50th place: $20 / each
  • 51–100th place: $10 / each
  • 101–200th place: $5 / each

The payout will be in the form of USDT, sent to each player’s Fractal wallet directly.

Help, Feedback and Support

For any issues, inquiries or feedback, please let us know in the Fractal Discord or Play on Fractal ⚡️ Telegram chat.

Exploiting, cheating, or any unfair play can result in a player’s disqualification from the tournament.

All prizes will be distributed within a week after the tournament ends. For winner announcements and other live updates, please join our Discord / TG channel.