Cards of Ethernity x Fractal: Polygon Launch Tournament

Experience the world of Aether in its first launch

Fractal Team
4 min readDec 10, 2022

Welcome to the Fractal x Cards of Ethernity Polygon Launch Tournament!

Fractal is going on Polygon on Jan 24 and we are excited to bring you a free playable tournament with Aether Games, one of our favorite Polygon card games. For a month, queue in ranked battles to win from a sweet cash pot of $5000. Log in within 48 hours of tournament start to claim event exclusive card backs and emotes. Want to prove your skills as a competitive card game master? Come join the world of Aether and show what you can do!

About Cards of Ethernity

Cards of Ethernity is a collectible card game (CCG) set in the dark fantasy universe of Aether. Players use a variety of Adventurers, Creatures and Cards, each with their own unique mechanics, to craft powerful new strategies. The game currently features 150 collectible cards for playres to build, craft and explore. You can find CoE on Twitter and Discord.

How to Play

  • Go to Card of Ethernity’s project page on Fractal and click “Play Now”
  • Download the Fractal app, Sign In with Fractal, then install Cards of Ethernity
  • Please complete the tutorial and enter “Ranked Mode” to start participating in the tournament

Exclusive Fractal x Polygon Card Back

To celebrate our Polygon launch, Fractal is partnering with CoE and Polkastarter Gaming to offer a limited edition card back. This can only be claimed within the first 48 hours of the tournament. Here’s how:

  • Log into the game tournament and make a Fractal Wallet, within the first 48 hours of tournament launch
  • Look out for an email from Fractal and PGG. When you receive it, go to, register an account with your Fractal Wallet email
  • Claim your special badge, then go on PGG’s site to mint your “Fractal x Polygon x PGG: CoE OG” proof-of-play NFT
  • With a proof-of-play NFT, you will receive the commemorative card back in your CoE in-game account within the week
  • Play in your Ranked matches and show off!

Practice and Ranked Mode

CoE is an advanced card strategy game with intricate mechanics including turn actions, Aether burning, match end conditions and more.

Before you queue in Ranked Mode, make sure to read through your deck and cards, as well as the “how to play” guide on CoE’s website. We also recommend thoroughly studying the tutorial. The tournament will take place over a month, there’s no rush! Spend as much time as needed to ace all your Ranked matches.

Tournament Schedule

This tournament will take place on Jan 24, 11am ET and continue for 1 month, ending on Feb 24, 11am ET. Players can compete in unlimited matchups, and will be ranked on their MMR on the Fractal leaderboard. You can only earn MMR in Ranked matches. You can access other stats such as Rank, Top Adventurer & Pet and Win Ratio on CoE’s in-game leaderboard.


The top 200 players on the Fractal leaderboard qualify for the cash prize pool. The distribution is as follows:

  • 1st place: $1000
  • 2nd place: $700
  • 3rd place: $450
  • 4-10th place: $150 / each
  • 11-50th place: $20 / each
  • 51-100th place: $10 / each
  • 101–200th place: $5 / each

The payout will be in the form of USDT, sent to each player’s Fractal Wallet directly. All participating players will earn exclusive Fractal and Polygon emotes in CoE (try to find out what they look like!).

Help, Feedback and Support

For any issues, inquiries or feedback, please let us know in the Play on Fractal ⚡️ Telegram chat.

Exploiting, cheating, or any unfair play can result in a player’s disqualification from the tournaments. This includes staging fights to get abnormally high win rates.

All prizes will be distributed within a week after the tournament ends. For winner announcements and other live updates, please join the group chat.