Introducing the Fractal NFT Metagame

Fractal Team
3 min readSep 27, 2022

At Fractal, we are excited about the new possibilities in gaming that will be unlocked by blockchain. Last December, we launched Fractal NFT collection, the largest and most successful airdrop on Solana. Originally, we intended for it to be a token of appreciation for our early community members, but we quickly realized the potential to make this dynamic NFT collection special — to turn it into a game itself.

Today, we are excited to announce the Fractal NFT Metagame. Starting today, players can power up their Fractal NFTs by interacting with web3 games in the Fractal ecosystem and get rewarded for it.

What is the Fractal NFT Metagame?

Fractal NFT collection is dynamic, which means power levels can gradually change over time. In the Fractal Metagame, holders compete to power up their Fractal NFTs, increasing snowflake’s size and value.

You can power up your Fractal NFTs primarily through playing in tournaments on The Fractal NFTs can also be powered up through minting and transacting on Fractal, including listing/buying/selling NFTs on the marketplace. Your level of activity will determine how much power you receive.

Power is sourced from an initial power pool, which is finite and emits power over time (with early participants receiving more of the pool).

Beware, Fractal NFTs will slowly discharge newly acquired power. The discharged power will be redistributed to other players to earn. Once the initial power pool is depleted, you will be powering up your Fractal NFTs from other players’ discharged power. Rest assured, your Fractal will always retain its original power (“OG Power” attribute), regardless of your new power level in the Metagame.

The Fractal NFTs will be powered up every WAGMI Wednesday at 8:00am PST. To get started with the Metagame, simply hold your Fractal NFT in a Fractal Wallet, and use the wallet to participate on Fractal.

Introducing Fractal Metagame Partners

At Fractal, we’re excited about the potential for cross game assets in web3 gaming. We had the vision that the Fractal NFTs will give you special powers in your favorite blockchain games. Today, we are excited to take an important step in this direction.

At launch, we are proud to partner with some of the best games in web3. Very soon, you will be able to login to these games with your Fractal Wallet and NFT to unlock exclusive in-game perks:

  • MetaOps: Fractal weapon charms in-game
  • BattleTabs: unique Fractal cosmetics effects
  • BR1: Fractal Metagame participants only tournament
  • Project Eluune: exclusive Fractal creatures & missions
  • Gamerplex: Fractal attack in-game

Fractal is working diligently to expand our Metagame partners, so your Fractal NFTs can be used to unlock benefits with more web3 games over time.

In addition, Fractal will be hosting a weekly competition starting 10/5 to reward players who gained the most power. Top players will receive a mystery gaming NFT from a top web3 gaming project.

How can I stay up to date with the Metagame?

Stay tuned for Metagame benefit updates by joining our Discord and the #Fractal-NFT-Benefits channel.

I am a game developer, how can I get involved?

The Fractal NFT Metagame is an amazing way to reward the most active web3 gamers. If you are interested in participating as a Metagame partner, please reach out to with a quick overview on your project and proposal.


What are the minimum and maximum power levels for Fractal NFTs?

Each Fractal has a unique power level, ranging from 20 to 100.

What happens if I have multiple Fractal NFTs in my wallet?

If you have multiple Fractal NFTs in your wallet, the highest powered Fractal NFT will be charged first. Any remaining power will be used to power up the next highest powered snowflake.

What determines the speed of power discharge?

The purity attribute of your Fractal NFTs determines the rate of power discharge. The higher the purity, the slower the discharge.

How can I learn more about the Fractal NFT Metagame?

You can watch Justin’s latest interview with the team to understand the story, vision, and Metagame mechanics. You can also watch Justin’s interview from when we first launched the Fractal NFT collection in Dec-21 for more context.