A Message to the Fractal Community

Fractal Team
3 min readJun 23, 2022


The following message is from Brent (Fractal Community team) on Fractal Discord

Hi guys, it’s been a while. You might remember me from when we first launched Fractal Dec last year.

I spent a lot of time on Discord back then. As Fractal grew as a company, I got very involved with startup things and haven’t been around as much here. We got a lot of stuff done since our $35M fundraise in March: built a launchpad, ran lots of tournaments and most recently rolled out Fractal Wallet (a passport for web3 gamers). Every day, I work with the founders of Twitch Justin Kan and Google Drive David Wurtz + the smartest people I’ve seen in my life @ Fractal team to build the best products for web3 games. It feels like we are working on the future. I’m in my twenties and wouldn’t want to spend my time any other way.

But we are a small team of 10 that’s eng-heavy. When the community lead gets super involved with product building, the cadence of us communicating with Fractal community slows down. I knew that in order to grow our community, we need to deliver value. I didn’t want to cheapen what the Fractal community represents by running one-off hype shows to blow up Discord. We saw projects flourish and die based on influencer pumps. That is not the playbook for web3 games. What moves the needle is a world class product built for web3 games, that offers the best experience for gamers everywhere.

I’m a gamer. I grew up on WoW (PvP Forsaken Rogue) and League (Anivia/Cass main), played every FPS from CS:GO to Apex as well as any other major game you can think of. For any gamer, it is obvious that when we talk about web3 games, the game needs to come before the blockchain. We need to optimize for fun. This is why I chose to spend time away from Discord to work on tournaments and playtest instead. These games are rough… I want to get them into a good shape to show you guys first.

But this is web3. Products can’t be built in silo. While we need time to launch, fail forward and build the right thing, we won’t get anywhere if we lose our community along the way. We got here because 100k of you believed in us when we launched. And ~90k of you are still with us 3 months in, watching us busy figuring all of this out. The Good Vibes volunteered help when Fractal provided minimal Discord support, and our Hexa holders showed up to every Twitch stream we ran, even when we only had 50 viewers. I’ve been so busy working that I took all of this for granted. This changes from now on.

So here’s me. I’m back, to share a lot more of what we are building, thinking and launching. To share why we are doing tournaments, what games we love, what mints we are excited about, and so much more. Nothing has changed. The things we learn from you all will shape the product we build (it’s already happening). Be patient with us, and I can’t wait to see you all around on our Discord ❤️